Episode 005: How to Legally Raise All the Money You Need to Fund All Your Deals with Kim Lisa Taylor

Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Episode 005: How to Legally Raise All the Money You Need to Fund All Your Deals with Kim Lisa Taylor

Kim is a nationally recognized corporate securities attorney, speaker, and a #1 Amazon best-selling author. In this episode, we sit down and talk with her about Syndication which is like group investing.

Kim Lisa Taylor is the founder of Syndication Attorneys, PLLC, a Florida-based law firm that provides Securities Offering Documents, and InvestorMarketingMaterials.com, a service firm that provides professionally edited and drafted marketing materials for clients nationwide. 

As the founder of Syndication Attorneys, Kim breaks down the basic meaning of Syndication, discusses the necessary steps in putting together a Syndication, and ways one can structure Syndication.

She also talks about foreign investors, and biggest mistakes made by beginning Syndicators. 

Kim has been the responsible attorney for well over 300 securities offerings. 

She routinely teaches subjects related to legally raising private money in front of groups ranging from 50 to 1,000+ attendees, and is featured in the Spring 2020 edition of The Top 100 People in Finance Magazine.

To schedule a free 30-minute consultation, head over to www.SyndicationAttorneys.com.

Check out the profile of Kim Lisa Taylor on their website which you can read here: https://syndicationattorneys.com/about-our-founder/

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