Episode 034: No B.S. – Lessons Learned From Over 2,000 Real Estate Transactions with SAM SADAT

Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Episode 034: No B.S. – Lessons Learned From Over 2,000 Real Estate Transactions with SAM SADAT

If you like your info raw and real, you’re gonna love Sam’s “No B.S” approach on what it really takes to succeed as a real estate investor.  Cultivated from over 30+ years in the game, he’s a refreshing mixture of specific strategies and mindset, and is a master at creating passive cash flow (wait till you hear how he created an ongoing income stream… with no bank qualifying and no credit check necessary!).

Here’s a sample of what we discuss with Sam…

  • How a 6-month “soul searching” excursion freed him from a traumatic setback… and transformed his life (both emotionally and financially!).
  • Want to create your own personal economy that can thrive in any type of business climate?  Sam reveals the #1 thing you can do to insulate and protect yourself from whatever happens in the world!
  • How Sam bought 86 properties without the use of banks or credit… by using the power of “subject to” investing!
  • The least risky way to get started as a real estate investor.  
  • How to find the right mentor.
  • The most common and costly mistake made by newbie investors.
  • Much, much more!

More about Sam Sadat:

Since 1987, Sam Sadat has been involved in more than 2,000 real estate transactions as a principal, partner, lender or broker.  During this time, he’s helped thousands of aspiring investors learn the real estate business the right way and apply their knowledge confidently to prosper greatly.

Sam’s formal education was in physics and engineering at the University of Texas in Austin.  Soon after college, he realized his heart was in real estate, which has been his passion since 1987.  He specializes in finance, multi-unit syndications, wholesaling, and creative acquisition strategies.

Sam has been the president of Sam’s Real Estate Club for the past 18 years, where his mission is to help members become experts at the game of life and real estate so they can invest with confidence and stop their daily grind as soon as possible (if they choose to)!  

You can visit him online at: www.SamsRealEstateClub.com or call (800) 998-9930

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