Episode 040: What it REALLY Takes to Become a Developer – with Eileen Robarge

Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Episode 040: What it REALLY Takes to Become a Developer – with Eileen Robarge

Being a Developer is rare enough.  

What’s even more rare?  Being a ‘female’ developer!

That’s who our guest is today – Eileen Robarge – who takes us on a journey into the world of development and ground-up new construction.  

Yes, the development game is filled with more moving parts, more challenges, longer timelines, and more potential surprises, which all adds up to greater risk… but it also provides the opportunity for getting bigger wins.

Eileen shares some hard-fought lessons on how to mitigate that risk… if you want to realize those greater rewards!

Here’s a sample of what we discuss…

  • Why new construction can generate greater valuations and deliver higher returns if you set things up right… and some insider tips to ensure this happens.
  • The downside and potential pitfalls with new construction/development… and how to minimize those risks.
  • An inspiring example of… “how you’re only 1 property away from retirement”!
  • Secrets to managing a team virtually… and creating incentives that inspire employees to take complete ownership of their tasks and goals.
  • How Eileen “recharges her battery”… and her philosophy of ‘taking the path of hardest resistance’ (it’s probably not the path most advisors prescribe, but if you have a similar personality/mindset to Eileen, this may work for you as well!)
  • 3 tips for getting started in the development game.
  • Much, much more!

More about Eileen Robarge:

Eileen had the wheels of real estate spinning since graduating from college.  Rather than purchase her first home with $60,000, she bought land, hired a general contractor, and built 5 apartment homes.  This expanded to 32 units, through a 1031 exchange, and then to 167 rental apartment homes.

In 2010, Eileen began to focus full-time on residential real estate and her property management company.  She has added 40 more industrial apartment homes, and her largest project, Whispering Oak, featuring 98 apartments, was just recently completed.  

Her community work includes the Burrito Boyz and Girls, and the San Diego Food Pantry.  Eileen likes to focus on golf and is an avid cyclist, completing ‘century’ (100 miles) bike rides including the San Diego Century, Bike the Coast, and Tour de Palm Springs.   

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