Episode 054: Age is Just a Number… it’s Never Too Late to Start a New Venture, Open a New Chapter, or Scale New Heights – With Chip & Jeanne Allen

Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Episode 054: Age is Just a Number… it’s Never Too Late to Start a New Venture, Open a New Chapter, or Scale New Heights – With Chip & Jeanne Allen

At a time when most people start thinking about slowing down and taking things a little easier, this dynamic duo is just getting started with their multifamily ventures as active real estate entrepreneurs.

You see, they’re both now retired from successful, long-time careers.  Chip was an attorney with his own practice, and Jeanne worked with several major retailers in sales and inventory management. 

So what compelled them to jump in and become “active” investors rather than only “passive” investors?

Their story will fascinate and inspire you!

Here’s a sample of what we discuss:

  • Insider tips on how to become a top notch “acquisition specialist”.
  • What you MUST do to create great relationships with commercial brokers… so you’re one of the first one’s they call whenever they have an incredible deal (they recently closed on a $17M deal that came from a broker they built a relationship with!).
  • Want to become unforgettable?  Do this…
  • Where your focus should be… if you really want to deliver your projected returns.
  • Secrets to maintaining a thriving marriage and business partnership.
  • Much, much, more.

More about Chip & Jeanne Allen:

Chip is Director of Operations and Asset Manager for Valley of the Moon Investments, working with lenders, legal, and insurance brokers, and managing all aspects of the business through property disposition.  

In his former life, he was legal counsel for a national property management company, litigated real estate and construction matters, and operated his own law firm specializing in Business Planning and Estate Planning.  Chip received his J.D. from Hastings College of Law, University of California, San Francisco.  He graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and served in nuclear submarines.

Jeanne is the Director of Acquisitions for Valley of the Moon Investments, working with brokers to procure properties and participating in all phases of the business leading up to closing.

Prior to real estate, Jeanne’s career was in sales and inventory management with national companies Ross Stores, Mervyns and Levi Strauss.  She graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia with a BS in Fashion Merchandising.

You can reach Chip and Jeanne on LinkedIn:

Jeanne: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanne-allen-622a2210/

Chip: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chip-allen-4b7125186/

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Who are Bill and Kimmie?

Here’s a quick snippet on who they are (and why you should, or should not, be listening to them)!  And if you want a little deeper dive on their history, mindset, and approach to investing, here’s an interview they did titled The Truth: Bill G & Kimmie P EXPOSED!

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