EPISODE 063: The “Missing Ingredients” That Separate the Successful… From the Not-So-Successful – with Jennifer Fawcett

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EPISODE <strong>063: The “Missing Ingredients” That Separate the Successful… From the Not-So-Successful – with Jennifer Fawcett</strong>

Five years ago, Jennifer Fawcett and her husband buy a duplex, and begin following a plan to buy at least 1 single-family home every year as their primary wealth-building plan.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

It’s tried.  It’s true.  And it’s worked for so many others… as long as you stick with it and are ok with a slow & steady approach

But… her appetite and ambitions were a whole lot bigger.  And… she wanted to go a whole lot FASTER! 

Fast-forward 5 years, and she and her partners have just closed on a 136-unit apartment complex in a vibrant Midwestern city!

So how the heck do you go from acquiring a duplex… to a 100+ unit apartment building within a short five-year period?

That’s what we uncover during this revealing and power-packed episode!

Here’s a sample of what we discuss:

  • What’s the best approach?  Should you “start small and grow big?”  Or “go big or go home?
  • Using the power of podcasts to connect with some of the best and brightest in the industry.
  • Is it worthwhile and valuable to pay for mentorship?
  • The ultimate secret on how Jennifer was able to leapfrog from a duplex… to a 136-unit apartment complex!
  • How to network like a pro… and start ‘attracting’ a lot more deals, partnerships, opportunities, and capital.
  • How to build relationships with commercial brokers so you become one of the first ones they call on a really “hot deal”
  • Cultivating an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ to overcome any perceived limitations that may be holding you back.  Adopt this mindset… and your financial situation or circumstances (or any other perceived roadblock for that matter) becomes IRRELEVANT!
  • Why Jennifer makes 1 “difficult” phone call every single week (and why you should do the same… or something similar).
  • Jennifer’s daily habits for success (this is “Atomic Habits” in action!)
  • Want to ramp up your productivity and get a whole lot more accomplished?  Jennifer reveals the ultimate productivity secret…

More about Jennifer Fawcett:

Jennifer is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Vine Capital Partners, a real estate investment company based out of the Midwest. She is primarily focused on acquisitions and investor relations and has a passion for networking with strategic partners in commercial real estate.

Jennifer, along with her husband Thomas, have been investing in real estate for 6 years and have self-managed their personal portfolio consisting of single-family rentals and small multifamily properties. Together they have built property management systems to create efficiencies in management and exceptional tenant retention.

She and her husband love working on the business together and taking opportunities to teach their kids about real estate and entrepreneurship.  In addition to real estate investing, Jennifer homeschools their five children, is active in their local church and community, and enjoys weight-lifting, running and gardening.

Contact info:



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