Episode 094: How to Rise to “Trusted Advisor” Status… and Make Yourself INVALUABLE and IRREPLACEABLE as a Real Estate Agent – with Chad McMahon

Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Masters Of Real Estate Podcast
Episode 094: How to Rise to “Trusted Advisor” Status… and Make Yourself INVALUABLE and IRREPLACEABLE as a Real Estate Agent – with Chad McMahon

Many real estate agents and brokers who cater to investors think that the main thing their clients want is a great deal.


We would say partly.

But if you want loyal, repeat clients who buy from you over and over again, and pay close attention and heed your advice… you have to provide more.

Listen in now as Sedona-based realtor Chad McMahon lays out his mindset and approach for creating a thriving practice that not only results in repeat business and referrals, but has allowed him to co-launch a $20M fund that invests in 15 to 100-unit multifamily properties.

More about Chad McMahon:

Chad McMahan is the CEO of Capital Giants, an Arizona real estate investment fund.  He has over 25 years of experience in real estate investment, including investment specialization as a top real estate agent in Sedona, Arizona where he consults for investors, other real estate agents, and property managers, regarding market adjustments, cash flow and investment strategy as well as changes to Arizona real estate law.

When not working, Chad and his wife and 2 sons are often adventuring throughout Arizona; Wildcrafting, camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and lake freediving.



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